Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Overseas Trip Characters: Irish Cat-man

After 15 years working at Weta and because of various other stressful leftovers from 2012, I was feeling a bit wiped out and decided I might need a bit of a holiday.  So in August, after meeting up with my sister and niece in Dubai, we all went touristy around parts of England and Ireland. For the entire month long trip, I intentionally didn't pick up a pencil (which for me is basically the brain equivalent of cntl-alt-delete). However, my camera was never out of reach which resulted in an 8 gig and a 16 gig memory card being filled with all sorts of random snapshots from the trip. Some of the people we encountered were so extreme, I really wanted to get a photo of them so I'd have enough reference to do a caricatured portrait when I got home.  This was one such case.

This man and cat were sitting outside an Irish pub we popped into for a quick road break.  He was trying his hardest to look like he didn't care about the feline but the cat wouldn't have any of it and pestered the man until it got some attention.


  1. rad paints bol! nice mix of different brush strokes and a really happy cat :]

  2. Really awesome stuff Crispy, great to see new stuff from you :) Shows that what ever you been doing at work is leveling you up too.