Monday, February 23, 2015

"The Night of the Living Don Quixote"

Started this picture of Don Quixote fighting the windmill giants ages ago.  Semi finished it but never really liked it. In fact it made me feel ill to stomach to think I had created such an abomination to nature. So I whacked it over the back of the head with a mouse pointer and buried it in a shallow unmarked folder deep in the forest of my unwanted computer files.
A year or so passed. Felt like wandering around my computer file system to visit old haunts and eventually wandered into the forest. Came across the place where I buried the abomination of Don Quixote.  Remembered what I did and felt the pangs of guilt. Just happened to have a spade with me so I dug it up ,washed the mud off and took it back to my Photoshop cottage. Then over the period of a few nights and a day or so, I Frankensteined the picture back together in a totally different way. And now here it is: stuck out on the blog front porch to scare dogs and wandering hobos.
Not so hating of it any more. Might take a trip back out to that forest someday to see what other corpses I can reanimate.


  1. Gripping story and top notch scribblin', 9 out of ten! I had to minus one for lack of bewbs.

    1. Churs for the 9, Mr P. Kinda dissapointed I missed out on that one point though. Knew I should have pressed the "bewb" shortcut instead of the "gratuitous horse ass bursting out of frame" shortcut.