Thursday, February 18, 2010

Caloo and Calay. It's a Jelvis today!

Now I remember why I slacked off posting blogs.
I have so little time yet I have so much procrastination to be done every week. How can I meet my procrastination quota if I have to keep drawing 15 min quick crappy sketches for my blog?

Speaking of which, here's this weeks poop peanut .
Fellow Wetarian and all round incredibly talented bastard Ben Mauro (go look at his feckin' cool artwork at sent me a youtube link to a Peter, Bjorn and John music video called "Nothing to Worry About".

Viewing it reminded my remembering meat muscle of the entertaining phenomenon of Dancing Harajuku Elvis gangs. That started my thinking thing a-working which resulted in me saying "I will draw me a Jelvis". 10 minutes later, the picture below had oozed out of my wacom pen.

If you're lucky, a Jelvis will take offense at the image and stab me to death with his oh so pointy hairdo. If you're not so lucky, I will return next week with another time waster.



  1. Hi... Looking ways to market your blog? try this:

  2. would you post something again?


  3. Hey Mary,
    Glutton for mediocre punishment, eh? OK. I promise. Sometime this week I will post something again and I guarentee it will involve a subject of some sort perhaps doing something.

  4. I admit I never expected to get so much information...are you sure I'll be safe knowing all this?
    Well, I'll come again 'sometime this week' to check...