Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yeah I know. I ain't done nuttin' on this blog for almost a long time now.
You probably thought I was dead or running across America trying to forget Jenny and her coyly sleezy ways. Well, you were close.

I was being artistic. You know, putting things off then never getting round to actually doing them. It's a fine tradition handed down from lazy artist to lazy artist and who am I to try and break tradition.

Anyhows, I actually did a picture recently which I thought I might splatter on the internet to take up more room between the spam and the Catz images. Did it in 'bout quarter hour or so, so if it looks rushed and slightly 15 minuteish, that's why.

As yes it's Jean Reno again. Don't know why. It just is.
Might try moving onto pictures of Gene Simmons next. Just work my way thru all the Gene pool.



  1. It Lives! Nice work Mr Fries, good to see you getting back into it. Gies more!

  2. You still got it! And let's hear more about this sleazy Jenny.

  3. Cheers chaps. I will try to `Gies more` Adam as soon as I figure out what a Gies is and where in the wild tundras of Miramar I can catch one.
    And yes, Christian. I still have it... despite all the ointments, lotions and tonics the doctor has prescribed. Thanks for reminding me of the itchy, slightly pustule turmoil I live in!

    As for sleazy Jenny, all I can say is she slept around and had a fetish for chocolates, shrimp and feathers that float around for about the length of an opening sequence. Oh, and legless Vietnam vets. Especially ones who end up getting 'magic legs'.