Monday, June 20, 2011

Sketchy Sketches

Whoo boy! Been busy this year.
Too busy to chuck anything on this blog despite all my half-assed promises. Understandable I suppose considering I'm working on ***TOP SECRET***. Especially the section where ***CLASSIFIED*** kicks ***CLASSIFIED*** in his ***CLASSIFIED*** with a pair of size 10 ***CLASSIFIED***. (Man! I'm glad I've got that off my chest. It's so hard to keep a secret)

Anyways, what I've posted here is the scrap of paper I have sitting next to me when I work. Whenever I need to clear my head or give my A.D.D. freedom for a few moments, I type a random famous person's name on the 'puter and sketch a photo that comes up on Google. Only spend about 5 to 10 mins on each one but it's enough to placate my restless ways so I can get back to work.

In other words, I've just posted brain farts. Hope you enjoy the smell of rotten eggs.


  1. Nice one Crispy! More Conan. No, more Grunto!!

  2. awesome dude! Sam L is me favourite!

  3. mean bro!, is that a self portrait at the bottom with a smoke?

  4. Cheers y'all for the kindly komments.
    I wish it was a self portrait, Stu. But a portrait of me would require 45% more chin and 500% less "coolest-sonofabitch-to-walk-on-this-planet" factor. But cheers for boosting my ego for the week.