Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slap Dash Sketches - "Raiders of the Lost Ark" 1

Re-learned a basic rule while doing this week's Slap Dash Sketches. Namely don't pick your favourite movie to do sketches from. You'll end up watching the movie instead of drawing it.

Anyways, here's the result of about 45 minutes to an hour of drawing and 30-45 minutes of gratuitous slacking off.


  1. it looks great!
    I'm hoping to see more of these 'Slap Dash Sketches' long as your "fancy 'puter"
    haven't exploded into thousands of pieces...and as long as you haven't been in the same room when this happened...

  2. Cheers for the kind words Teresa.
    Thankfully my fancy 'puter is still fancy and 'putery. I've just been bogged down doing official paid work & just haven't had the chancce to do any Slap Dashes recently. Got any suggestions for which movie I should focus my unfocusing eyes on next?

  3. Hmmm...taking into consideration the year of the last movie, maybe you could try with blade runner, it had good scenarios and characters. but please, don't take this as a challenge...

  4. Good choice, Ms T! Another of my favourites. I'll give it a go this weekend and try not to get distracted as much as I did with "Raiders".

    Damn these well written movies with engaging characters and incredible visuals! They're constantly interupting my slap dash flow!

  5. (well, actually my fav was ‘the last crusade’, then ‘temple of doom’, and only then: ‘raiders’, sorry)
    Don’t tell me about those ‘well written movies with engaging characters and incredible visuals’!! (they are my secret addiction)

    Good look in the weekend, and please beware of replicants

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  7. Aw man. I totally agree with ya, Teresa. I suck to the penultimate!! Sorry 'bout that. Been working some pretty crazy hours at work (especially with "The Hobbit" kicking into high gear). Just haven't had a chance to do any of my own stuff for quite a while.

    Tell you what. Keep an eye on my page. Something might pop up in the next 24.

  8. It’s ok, don’t worry. I imagine all of you've got a lot of work to do.
    Btw, congratulations for keeping the hobbit in nz! I saw the rally last month.

  9. Thanks T. Definitely nice keeping the movie in NZ so I can't really complain about the workload:)
    As you might have noticed, there still aren't any Blade Runner slap dashes up on site yet despite my multiple weak-ass promises. I really have to remedy this pretty soon. Gotta do some non-work related stuff or might go loopier than I already am... and that won't be a pretty sight.
    I won't promise anything but I will be having some strong words with myself to see what the holdup is.