Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Way back in the year 2 thousand and diggity 3..."

"Rowlf" was my Weta merchandising swan song. Made back in (approx) 2002/2003.
That's right! 2003: A time before the invention of the IPod, the PS3 and long before Mr Obama was telling Americans "Yes They could".

After I finished the piece, I handed in my Weta Merchandising badge and schmoozed my way into the design room. Might try sculpting for personal gratification again someday but I doubt I'll ever go back to doing it for money. Not worth it considering the many talented Weta sculptors that are a lot quicker and a hell of lot better than me.

ADDITIONAL BIG, FAT, BLOATED, EGO-BOOSTING FACT: The bust won the 2003 "World's best statue / bust Global Award" from
HA! Stick that in your hat and call it macaroni, Yankee Doodle!


  1. holy shit bro! you're a fur genius! that's fantastic!

  2. Cheers chaps.
    Yeah, sculpting that fur was...uh... what's a pleasant word for ass-kickingly, groin-punchingly, eyeball-stabingly fustrating?
    Oh I know.

    Sculpting Ralph's fur was incredibly "therapeutic."